About Us

Rapoch Community Partnership SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCO37761. We are a community led organisation focussing on economic and social regeneration. Our base is in Raploch Community Campus, Drip Road, Stirling and we work across the wider priority communities in Stirlingshire.

Raploch Campus hosts host a range of services including a local Library, Bistro, College training space, Active Stirling leisure facilities and Big Noise. The Campus also has three primary schools and a nursery.

What do we do? We assist the socially isolated and lonely or those who need facilitative support with health, wellbeing and active citizenship. We facilitate an increase in social connectedness of individuals experiencing disadvantage. By delivery a range of digital, volunteering, befriending, early years, intergenerational, employability and training services we aim to help the people in Stirling priority areas realise their potential through their activity, work and incomes - we want a prosperous area and for that prosperity to be sustainable – with economic well being enhancing health and social well being and quality of life.

We will not do things to people; we will work with them so that they can do things for themselves. Our objectives, in pursuing this aim 2021 - 2024, are based on:

  • aspiration: we want everyone in Stirling priority areas  - current and future generations – to grow up with the confidence in their ability to achieve their ambitions;
  • participation: we must help more local people be fit and ready for work, to be active in the labour market and active citizenship opportunities;
  • accessibility: we demand that local people are able to choose from a larger and wider range of activities, work and volunteering opportunities;
  • sustainability: we want more people getting work and progressing. We want to see social capital and community assets flourishing.

Want to find out more? Individual staff contact details are on the 'contact us' page. Here's some handy email addresses if you have a specific query though. get in touch, we'd love to hear from you!

Like what we do? If you are in a position to support our work, we'd be delighted! You can do so here:

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We are proudly funded by, Scottish Government (Investing in Communities Fund); The Henry Smith Charity; Robertson Trust; Impact Funders; Stafford Trust; Essentia Foundation; Alpkit Foundation; Befriending Networks; SVE, and have been proudly supported previously by SCVO, Clothworkers Foundation, National Lottery Community Fund and Bank of Scotland Foundation.

Raploch Community Partnership SCIO is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCO37761